How to write an exploratory essay

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You might also use the body paragraphs to address how individual resources changed your thinking about your topic. Most exploratory essays will have several body paragraphs. An exploratory essay considers a topic or problem and explores possible solutions. This type of paper also sometimes includes background about how you have approached the topic, as well as information about your research process. The most usual mistake that students make while writing an exploratory essay – is writing without a strategy. Even if the idea of this assignment is to keep investigate a problem while writing – it does not mean that you do not need an outline or a good structure. So we recommend you to start doing an exploratory essay with planning your future writing.

We can define an exploratory essay as writing that seeks to determine the writer’s thoughts, feelings, and reactions about a particular subject. The introduction is your chance to clearly outline the problem that you have explored and why it is relevant. You may also like to point the reader in the direction of other resources, as it could just be that more investigation is needed on the point at hand.

Introduction Paragraph

You should make sure that your essay makes sense and that your readers will not be confused and will get your point. For instance, consider the paper’s length, style, and source to use. List your thoughts regarding this issue and write down some directions you want to follow in your exploratory paper. It is essential to write a few notes at this stage to help you organize your ideas. The objective of such an essay is to take an objective stance when approaching a topic.

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For this reason, exploratory essays are most commonly encountered in the more creative subjects. This kind of writing is a great way to show off and develop your literary skills and descriptive prose. An exploratory essay example represents a research paper where an author speaks of a nonfiction idea without a precise need for sources. For example, exploratory essay topics may include a paper on whether a single parent can provide the same care type. The key is to explore the topic and talk about the experience that will inspire the readers. An exploratory essay is more detailed and readable than an argumentative essay.

Parts of an exploratory essay

It includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introduction sets up the context for your topic, addresses why that topic is worthy of study, and states your primary research question. Finally, an exploratory essay will include some reflection on your own research and writing process. Unlike other types of essays, the exploratory essay does not present a specific argument or support a claim with evidence. Instead, an exploratory essay allows a writer to «explore» a topic and consider tentative conclusions about it.

An exploratory essay conclusion does not imply a repetition of the summary of your findings. In drawing your conclusion in this essay, you should state your contribution to the issue being discussed while maintaining a neutral tone about others’ perspectives. If you fit this description, you can use our free essay samples to generate ideas, get inspired and figure out a title or outline for your paper. PhDessay is an educational resource where over 1,000,000 free essays are collected. Scholars can use them for free to gain inspiration and new creative ideas for their writing assignments. For example, when writing about the cause and effect format, you must include the situation or problem , followed by its effects on health . Make sure not to use too much detail as this will complicate your paper and bore your readers.

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An exploratory essay is designed to give a student an opportunity to investigate an issue of interest in greater detail. Looking at numerous exploratory essay examples, it is easy to see that most of them also offer solutions or recommendations to improve the situation. In exploratory essay writing, students should follow a number of recommendations.

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With our professional help, you can ensure that your essay is well-researched, well-written, and meets all the academic requirements. The problem-oriented approach to writing case study essays requires you to take the time to research the issue and find the best solution to solve it. The first step in writing a case study essay is to research thoroughly and select a subject.

Composing A Winning Exploratory Essay In English Literature

Such essays are quite often assigned in English literature, where students are expected to do independent research on literature works of all types on their own. It is essential that you consider the various formatting styles before you start your essay. There are a few major styles used in academia, and each one has its dissertation editing services reviews own particular rules. The primary styles are the MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian formats. Which formatting style you use will affect how you reference the works of other authors in your paper. Citing these references accurately will allow your readers to access the third-party data you present in your paper quickly.

  • Here, you compare the points of view provided in the additional information and analyze them as to how they would offer a solution to the problem.
  • Because it emphasizes observation and analysis, this approach allows researchers to explore issues as they go along.
  • The absolute best exploratory essay examples free their writers from the burden of having to produce an overly-considered conclusion or prove a thesis.
  • Discuss them with your reader using a conversational style.

An exploratory essay entails speculation, digression, and rumination. Writing an exploratory essay may require more abstract thinking than other types of essays. For this reason, such essays are rarely assigned to students in grades below high school. They are, however, popular assignments for university classes, such as philosophy, psychology, and creative writing. Mention all the questions you want to write about so the readers can determine if they like the topic.

A life lesson in Romeo and Juliet taught by death

Additionally, discuss its significance, and lay out your primary research query. This academic work is largely based on reliable information. Be careful to take down all the pertinent specifics from your sources and incorporate them as supporting materials in your work. Our college essay writers have extensive experience who can help me with my assignment in preparing high-quality papers on a range of topics. Leave your instructions and have an essay done by one of our experts. There are global formatting guidelines that are involved in producing high-quality papers. These standards have varied characteristics and adhere to guidelines by major corporations.

It is more concerned with a subject matter instead of a thesis, implying that the paper keeps track of your research activities and subsequent thoughts. The essay answers questions on specific content and rhetorical queries about potential solutions to the situation. At its core, an exploratory essay is an educated attempt at answering an open-ended question. It situates the writer in a position of inquiry and exploration rather than a firm stance on a subject. It is akin to thinking out loud and working through a problem but in a more organized and well-processed manner.

What is an exploratory essay?

What’s also key to remember throughout your essay’s writing and formatting is to mark the sources you have referenced throughout your exploration. A solid structure pay to do assignments is another crucial element of how to write an exploratory essay. Some structures are so reliable that they can practically write the essay for you!

  • In addition, make sure that you adhere to the steps discussed above to make your exploratory essay epic.
  • Open a Facebook Group for the class and encourage them to join so that they do not miss important information to be shared throughout the course.
  • While you might support one idea above others, you will not conclude the paper with a clear solution.
  • Here is a good exploratory essay example for you to review before writing your next essay.
  • Include summarized concepts, paraphrases and relevant quotes from your research into your writing.

However, the thesis should not be universally accepted as true. Instead, it should be something that people can disagree with. CRIT 602 Readings and Resources Copyright © 2019 by Granite State College . Identify how contexts outside of higher education influence the study and/or practice of your field.

Writing Tips for an Exploratory Essay

Your main claim should be explicitly stated in the final section of your introduction. An exploratory essay is defined as a writing type where the author examines potential solutions to an issue. Simply put, it provides an overview of issues and draws some early judgments about the proposed solution. Exploratory essays allow you to fully comprehend a subject without worrying about being right or wrong. Your principal objective when preparing this essay is to undertake a thorough investigation first, then think about and assess a few distinct viewpoints on a specific topic. These papers are used in commercial settings and colleges. Studying a minimum of three points helps you grasp the problem correctly in finding the best answer.

  • The purpose of an exploratory essay is to explore your topic by focusing on various methodology research types and ideas that have been presented by other people.
  • By choosing a good explanatory topic, you can ensure that your essay is well-informed, engaging, and effective in communicating your ideas to your audience.
  • MLA format requires you to leave one-inch margins across the paper.
  • Remember to speak about why your believe those questions exist, where you feel you should look for answers, and what additional research you might need to do.

Instead of persuading an audience about some thesis, you are supposed to speak about a problem and, possibly come to preliminary conclusions on ways of solving the problem. One of the most rewarding elements of writing in this style is the ability to consider a topic from multiple perspectives. The preparation phase of your paper should take into account the different angles from which your subject can be approached and include a multiplicity of considerations. This will leave your readers with the sense that the exploration you have provided is well-balanced and fair.

Helpful videos about How to Write an Exploratory Essay

The essay is meant to be written in the tone that is convincing to the readers. By following these tips and examples, you can effectively start your expository conclusion for exploratory essay essays and produce a well-structured, informative, and engaging piece of writing. The case study approach is also flexible and can be used in research.

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